Mar 7, 2013

Felting Class

NEW CLASS: Nuno Felted Vest by Marlene GruetterWe
are so pleased to announce that Marlene Gruetter of Marlene's Felting Madness
will be teaching a felted
vest workshop in May.  Participants have
three options: 

 Dyeing Silk Fabric:  Exotic
This workshop will introduce participants to
various ways on how to apply WashFast acid dyes onto silk fabrics to produce a
variety of effects. May 10th 1pm-5pm $40 plus materials (estimated

Vest workshop only: Nuno Felt
In this two day workshop participants will learn how to create a
lightweight, fitted and seamless nuno felt vest using traditional felting 
techniques.  Nuno felt is the combination of silk fabric and fine

merino wool and with the application of water, soap and friction the wool
migrates itself into the silk  fabric.   Use Marlene's
pre-dyed yardage or create an elegant white vest. May 11th-12th $140 plus
materials (estimated $25-$40 depending upon materials and

Dyeing and vest
together! Do both classes for only $160 plus
materials (which would only be what you dyed!)

Felted Flower Class:
May 10th 6:30-9:30pm Learn to felt beautiful flowers!
(Picture on Website!) $20 +$15 Materials
Please call or email to register! Space is limited!

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  1. do you know where i can find a bulb sprayer for felting? my email address is:
    thank you.